About CJKV Dict

Data Sources

CJKV Dict uses data from the following open source projects for its entries:


CJKV Dict uses the Pan-CJK Source Han Sans open source font collection (also known as Noto Sans CJK), created by Adobe and Google.

The Source Han Sans fonts are served by this website, but they can be quite slow to load due to their large size. To make the pages of CJKV Dict load faster, we recommend you to install these fonts locally. The easiest way to do so is to download the Noto Sans CJK font package from Google.

External Dictionaries

CJKV Dict is a pretty nice tool, but not nearly as powerful as some other online Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese dictionaries, such as MDBG, CC-Canto, Jisho.org, NAVER Dictionary or Wiktionary . For this reason, links to these dictionaries are provided on CJKV Dict entry pages for further information.