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Simplified Chinese form:

Mandarin (Zhuyin): ㄑㄧㄤ
Mandarin (Pinyin): qiāng
Cantonese (Jyutping): ['coeng1']
  1. gun

  2. firearm

  3. rifle

  4. spear

  5. thing with shape or function similar to a gun
    (classifier: / / / [杆] / [条])

  6. to substitute for another person in a test

  7. to knock

  8. classifier for rifle shots

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Chinese characters used in this word

spear, lance, javelin, gun, rifle
Mandarin: ㄑㄧㄤ (qiāng), ㄔㄥ (chēng), ㄑㄧㄤˇ (qiǎng)
Cantonese: coeng1
Japanese: ソウ (sou)、 ショウ (shou) / やり (yari)
Korean: 창 (chang), 쟁 (jaeng)
Vietnamese: thương, sanh
Simplified Chinese form:
Semantic variant form: