Chinese Word Entry

Mandarin (Zhuyin): ㄈㄨˊ
Mandarin (Pinyin):
Cantonese (Jyutping): ['fuk6']
  1. to lean over

  2. to fall (go down)

  3. to hide (in ambush)

  4. to conceal oneself

  5. to lie low

  6. hottest days of summer

  7. to submit

  8. to concede defeat

  9. to overcome

  10. to subdue

  11. volt

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Chinese characters used in this word

prostrated, bend down, bow, cover, lay (pipes), crouch, crawl, lie hidden, conceal
Mandarin: ㄈㄨˊ (fú), ㄈㄨˋ (fù)
Cantonese: fuk6
Japanese: フク (fuku)、 フウ (fuu)、 ブク (buku) / ふ.せる (fuseru)、 ふ.す (fusu)、 したがう (shitagau)
Korean: 복 (bog), 부 (bu)
Vietnamese: phục