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Simplified Chinese form: 证明

Mandarin (Zhuyin): ㄓㄥˋ ㄇㄧㄥˊ
Mandarin (Pinyin): zhèng míng
Cantonese (Jyutping): zing3 ming4
  1. proof

  2. certificate

  3. identification

  4. testimonial
    (classifier: [个])

  5. to prove

  6. to testify

  7. to confirm the truth of

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Chinese characters used in this word

proof, evidence, certificate, testify, verify, guarantee, witness
Mandarin: ㄓㄥˋ (zhèng)
Cantonese: zing3
Japanese: ショウ (shou) / あかし (akashi)
Korean: 증 (jeung)
Vietnamese: chứng
Simplified Chinese form:
Simplified Japanese form:
Semantic variant forms:

bright, light, brilliant, clear
Mandarin: ㄇㄧㄥˊ (míng), ㄇㄥˋ (mèng)
Cantonese: ming4
Japanese: メイ (mei)、 ミョウ (myou)、 ミン (min) / あ.かり (akari)、 あか.るい (akarui)、 あか.るむ (akarumu)、 あか.らむ (akaramu)、 あき.らか (akiraka)、 あ.ける (akeru)、 -あ.け (-ake)、 あ.く (aku)、 あ.くる (akuru)、 あ.かす (akasu)
Korean: 명 (myeong)
Vietnamese: minh